The Objective

Our objective is to produce and bring into existence a new film in the creative milieu and repertoire of Nollywood titled CHRONICLES OF ANAEDO. It is a historical narrative of Anaedo – Nnewi tracing the origin, evolution and bringing into fore the legendary Monarch of Nnewi HRH Igwe Kenneth Onyemaeke Orizu 111.

This objective was distilled out to promote the following:

  1.  It will trace historically the origin of Anaedo and Igbo race
  2.  It will be a source of archive, documentation, preservation, promotion and celebration of ANAEDO
  3.  It will serve as history and reference for the present generation
  4.  It will promote the heritage of Igbo land and Nnewi in particular.
  5.  It will enrich the discussion on archaeology evolution of Igbo
  6.  It will serve as an authentic piece of the evolution of the black man
  7.  It will open new windows of discussion for historians and archeologists
  8.  It will help to propagates who we are to the world



Anaedo Film Project is a historical and epic film that will trace the origin of Anaedo people who comprises of Nnewi, Oraifite and Ichi in Anambra state. The proposed film is titled “The Chronicles of Anaedo” and the purpose basically is to trace the genealogy of Anaedo from Gad the 7th son of Jacob to Eri the 5th son of Gad and then Agbaja the great grandson of Eri. Anaedo origin is traced directly to Prince Agbaja who has three sons namely Ikenga, Ifite and Ichi.

The first son Ikenga took over from his father Prince Agbaja while Ifite the second son migrated to present day Oraifite while Ichi the last born remained within and settled few distance behind the father’s house. Ikenga had two sons namely Isu and Nnewi.

The Chronicles of Anaedo is not just about the three communities but an exposition of Igbo origin using Anaedo as a springboard. It will be of great interest to every black man and it is expected to have a global impact as the great book THINGS FALL APART by legendary Prof Chinua Achebe.

The film is a total reminder of Igbo origin tracing from Gad the 7th son of Jacob to Eri the 5th son of Gad then narrowed down to Agbaja. The Agbaja descendants also extend to Ibuso in Delta state, Nkwerre and Isu Njaba in Imo state, Isuochi and Isuikwuato in Abia state. 

Anaedo indigenes are prominent and recorded first in most human endeavours

  •   First billionaire from West Africa is from Anaedo
  •   A town in Africa with largest billionaires
  •   First Senate President of Nigeria
  •  First Black African to study in Oxford
  •  First female governor in Nigeria
  •   First indigenous car manufacturing plant in Nigeria
  •    First head of state of defunct Biafra Republic 

The film will tell African story and promote inter-cultural learning in the globe.

The proposed film is expected to command an average of twenty (20,000) thousand cast and crew. The auditions in eleven different cities including the relevant connecting people of Ibuso, Nkwerre, Isu Njaba, Isuochi and Isuikwuato as well as all the local government in Anambra state


Anaedo Film project is a historical and epic film that chronicles the archaeological evolution of Anaedo Nnewi, Oraifite, Ichi and by extension the Igbo man in general. The film traced from origin the early settlers in Nnewi and where he migrated from. The film traced from the ERI, the progenitor of Igbo race and connectivity to Anaedo evolution.

The epoch film is basically to trace the genealogy of Nnewi people in particular and Igbo man in general. It is also targeted at preserving and promoting the cultures of Anaedo descendants. The key promoters have spent over 10 years studying every historical document, personal interview of knowledgeable individuals, visiting relevant historic sites.

This is classified as epic and documentary and it is expected to be of ten (10) episodes and three (3) seasons. The entire duration for the film is seven and half hours for each season. Each season will take about four months for the shooting and two months for recording totaling six months.

The production is expected to command over 15,000 artistes from across the globe.